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How to Place an Order?

1) Find the item you need in the catalog and open the product web-page page. There you can see a photo of the product, its price, composition and sizes.

2) Choose a color if the model is available in multiple colors and sizes. Click the Buy button. Continue shopping or proceed to placing your order. If you want to purchase several items, just repeat the steps described above. To place an order, go to the Cart.

3) Fill in the required fields - enter your last name, first name, email, phone number and city where you want to send the order. Check the data carefully and make sure it is correct.

4) Specify the desired delivery option: by delivery to your apartment, self-pickup from the pick up point or store, and then, depending on the chosen option:

◦ date and time interval when you can meet delivery;

◦ store where it is convenient for you to pick up the order, and the day of delivery;

◦ nearest pick up point.

Shipping period and delivery costs are described in detail in the "Shipping" section.

5) Select a payment option and confirm the order.

6) If you want to pay for your order online, click "Proceed to payment" and fill in the required data. Detailed information can be found in the section "Payment".

After completing the order, we will contact you to confirm the information and agree on a delivery option. If you miss a call, call us back: +7 (499) 229-11-11. 

If you have any questions when placing an order, please call us or e-mail us - we will definitely help you! Our contacts are listed in the "Contacts" section.

Can I change the order list after it was confirmed?

You can:

1. make changes - choose a different size or color (if available);

2. add items or delete some positions. 

You have to do this before we transfer the order to the delivery service. Just call us at +7 (499) 229-11-11 and we will definitely help you.

If you receive a notification that your order has been transferred to a transport company or courier, you will not be able to change it. In this case, place another order or issue a refund for the items you want to refuse.

Why has my order been cancelled?

We did not get through to you and did not receive an order confirmation. We can tell you the exact reason for the cancellation if you call us +7 (499) 229-11-11 or e-mail us in social networks or other messengers.

Do I need to sign up to place an order?

We tried to make the purchase process as easy as possible, so signing up is not required to place an order. It is enough to fill in a few fields in the form and confirm the order. And you can also choose the desired items, call us their SKUs on phone or send them to the messenger - we will place the order ourselves, clarify your wishes on the delivery option and payment, and then send it to you.

How can I pay for my order?

It all depends on the delivery option you choose. We offer several payment options.

● Online payment with a credit/debit card. 

When you complete the order checkout, click "Proceed to Payment". After that, you will be redirected to the payment page, where you can fill in the card details and confirm the payment. Don't worry, it's completely safe. Your personal data and card data are transmitted using special encryption protocols, so they are reliably protected - we will only receive information that the payment has been made. When paying with VISA and MasterCard cards, the technology of secure online payments Verified By Visa or MasterCard Secure Code is used: to confirm the payment, you need to enter the code - it will come to the phone number to which the card is linked.

Immediately after making the payment, you will be redirected back to our website. Payment information can be transmitted from 5 seconds to several minutes. If there is a delay in the payment process, contact the bank that issued your card to find out what is the matter.

● Cash or card to the courier.

● Cash or card at the pick up point.

● Cash or card at the store checkout.

Note! Only these payment options are possible. We do not accept transfers to a card or e-wallets and do not use third-party payment services. If you come across something like this, it may be fraud. Refuse payment and contact us to check the payment details.

We recommend that you keep your receipt for 14 days from the date of purchase. You will need it in case you decide to exchange or return items.

Can I pay for the order upon receipt or do I need to pay immediately?

Yes, if you have chosen regular courier delivery in Moscow, you can pay for the order to the courier at the time of receipt. Also, upon receipt, you can pay for orders at pick-up points or in stores in Moscow. When choosing an express delivery in Moscow or sending an order to other cities, you must make a payment immediately in full - with debit or credit card on the website.

If I want to return one or more items, how will you refund my money?

After we receive the items at the warehouse and check it for quality within 14 calendar days, we will transfer the money to your bank card. The term for crediting funds is from 1 to 10 days, depending on the bank that issued the card.

If you are returning a quality item, we will only compensate for the cost of the goods, not shipping and transfering to our warehouse.

How do you deliver orders?

We cooperate with the largest Russian delivery services — Boxberry, SDEK and EMS Russian Post.

In Moscow, within the MKAD, there is a delivery with a fitting, our courier will bring the purchases.

Delivery to the pick-up points, as well as delivery to the address in other cities of the Russian Federation is carried out by the courier service Boxberry and SDEK.

International shipments we trust EMS Russian Post.

For more information about the delivery methods, see the "Delivery" section.


Is it possible to send an order to another country?

We currently only ship to Russia. However, we plan to expand the geography of delivery and are already working on it.

If some items didn't fit me, can they be exchanged or returned?

Items that do not fit can be exchanged or returned. The main thing is that they retain their original appearance and original labels.

You must fill in the return form that was attached to the order. Then you transfer the application and the items to us, and we will transfer the purchase price to your bank card within 10 days after receiving them. We cannot refund shipping costs.

To exchange a product for a similar one, place a new order on our website or by phone.

More detailed information can be found in the "Returns" section.

Where is it possible to see things in person and try them on?

There are several corners in Moscow where the clothes of our brand are presented. You can see the location in the "Stores" section. Here you can see, select and purchase items you like.

What are the opening hours of stores?

p.p.s. 'izvestiya' - 10:00-22:00

p.p.s. цветной - 10:00-22:00

p.p.s. trend island -  sun.-thu. 10:00-22:00;  fri.-sat. 10:00-23:00

p.p.s. атриум -  10:00-23:00

p.p.s. рио ленинский - 10:00-22:00

p.p.s. павелецкая - 10:00-22:00

How to choose the right size when ordering?

The "Size Guide" will help you to decide - the button is in the card of each item. It opens a table where you will find the ratio of international and Russian sizes, as well as the approximate body dimension that one or another marking is focused on.

And yet, the choice of the appropriate size depends on the cut of a particular model and your individual preferences. Therefore, there is simply no universal rule.

If you have selected the desired size, but at the moment it is not available in our store, fill in the form, enter your personal data and e-mail - we will send a notification when this size is back in stock.

Why are the parameters different for the same size for different things?

All products are unique: they differ in style, cut. For example, the size M is quite different for an oversized hoodie and a fitted jersey top. The parameters of a specific item are indicated in the "Size Guide".

What fabrics and materials are used to create clothes?

When choosing materials, we are not guided by any specific rules and ideas. It all depends on the item itself and the look that is created with its help. Therefore, when sewing, both natural and synthetic fabrics can be used, as well as any kind of decor and accessories. The only standard that we are guided by is the high quality of the materials used to create our clothes.

Full information about the product can be found in the "Details" tab in the product card: the composition and characteristics of materials are indicated here.

How can I properly care for your products?

Recommendations are individual for each item. You can also find them on the "Details" tab in the product card.

Can I get to work with you?

We are growing and exploring new directions. Therefore, we are always glad to new people in the team and fresh ideas. If you want to get to work for us, email us:

What are the options for cooperation with you? Do you plan to collaborate with other brands? Is it possible to get shooting for your catalog as a model / photographer? Is it possible to make bulk purchases / open a store in my city?

We are united by an idea in which we believe, special values and ways of speaking about them. We are more than business or mass production. And that is why we especially value like-minded people. Those who are ready to share this worldview with us and become a part of it. If you are close to the same thing as we are - let's get to know each other. Email us: